Should You Agree To A Surety Bond For Your Partner?

So, your partner got arrested and needs bail bonds in order to be released until the trial date. You have the option to sign a contract for a surety bond, but you are deliberating if you should do it and get involved in your partner's troubles. Technically, you are already involved just by being in a relationship with your partner. Before you decide on whether or not to agree to a surety bond for your partner, be sure to know what it is. It is a legal contract where three parties are obligated. The parties are the principal (you), the obligee (the government), and the surety (the company). It means that you are willing to pay financial damages if your partner shirks their trial responsibilities.

How serious is your relationship?

If your relationship with your partner is serious, then you should be a ride or die and accept responsibility for the bail bond service. If your relationship is not serious or it is new, you should not commit to surety bonds for your partner. Taking such a bond can ruin your credit, and there are also additional fees that you may need to pay. As it relates to claims, you have to pay the legal fees as well as the full cost.

The Nature of the Crime

Yes, it is all fun and games to be a ride or die but you should consider the nature of the crime. If the crime is serious, the bond amount is going to be a lot. When the amount is plentiful, you will be expected to present fixed assets as security. If you and your partner were not in a serious relationship, then you should not do this and let him or her go to someone else as you can risk losing your property. Your partner, since there is no commitment on their part, may leave town or fail to show up for court. When they do this, you can lose your property.

Marital Status

Apart from the seriousness of your relationship playing a part in whether or not you get bail bond service for your partner, if the defendant is your spouse then you should consider it. You should consider it because you vowed to stick things out "for better and for worse". Your partner going to jail was one of the worse times. Furthermore, what is yours also belongs to your partner, legally in a way, unless papers were signed before the marriage? Regardless, your marital obligations may force your decision.

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