Points to Consider When Selling Gold Jewelry for the First Time

Jewelry containing gold and other precious metals could be someone's prized possessions. Collectors may purchase many items over the years while also receiving gifts from people who know they appreciate earrings, necklaces, and other selections made from gold. However, in time, the collector might not see the need or purpose in keeping an extensive collection that may include items sitting in drawers for years. Selling them to a gold buyer such as Beaverton Coin & Currency might help the pieces find a new home and help the current owner earn some money from the old, forgotten jewelry. Not everyone knows how the gold buying process works, so it could help to prepare for it. Read more below about selling gold jewelry.

Learning About Gold Selling

Even a cursory introduction to gold buying and selling might help someone interested in a first-time deal. Learning about gold buying/selling doesn't necessarily involve a massive time investment listening to hours of podcasts. Watching an introductory video or reading a credible news article could reveal how gold buyers price their offers. Typically, gold's current market price helps establish the value.

Review the Rarity of the Jewelry

As with gold coins, other factors might contribute to the price of gold jewelry. Artistic design and the scarcity of a particular item may drive up its value. The current owner could be unaware of its true cost, so performing some research or asking a knowledgeable person about the jewelry's value could assist with getting the right price beyond strictly the weight in gold. If it turns out only the weight of gold has value, it might be better to be informed than ask for a price someone may not meet.

Contact the Buyer with Questions

The would-be seller may have a specific buyer in mind but might not be entirely sure about the buying/selling process. If any fundamental questions come to mind, calling and asking over the phone or sending an email might be helpful. Asking the buyer how the sales process works, the best time to come, and if any special preparations are necessary could be wise. Keeping questions brief might be best since the proprietor may have limited response time.

Preparing any In-Person Questions

Some questions might work better in person. Perhaps the seller wants to point out something specific about the jewelry. Showing the buyer in person may work better than describing things over the phone. Maybe in-person interactions could work better when the question involves anything the proprietor needs to see rather than sending photos or typing a detailed description.