Expecting A Work Bonus? 3 Tax Planning Moves To Consider

Do you expect to receive a bonus or commission at work by the end of the year? If so, one important move you should make now is to do some tax planning for it. What planning moves now can help you later? Here are three things to consider.  1. Plan for Withholding Bonus checks may or may not see the same tax withholding rates as the rest of your compensation. Generally, this depends on how your employer reports and pays the bonus.

Have Gold to Sell? 4 Tips to Follow to Ensure a Fair Sale

Precious metals hold their value, which is why owning precious metals is so valuable. If you need some cash, selling precious metals, such as gold, is a great way to get the cash you need. However, when it comes to selling gold to a gold buyer, you will want to ensure you know how to sell the gold to ensure you enjoy a fair sale. Understand Current Market Value You would not take your old car down to the dealership and negotiate a trade-in without looking up the vehicle’s value.